Discoco Pendant

Marset, Pendants

The Warmth of Light

If there is one iconic lamp in the Marset collection, it’s the Discocó. Now that the fixture has turned ten years old, and following several additional sizes and finishes, it’s time it finally got its due. The Discocó evolves with a new finish: oak.

The quality and comfort provided by this fine material is unequalled. Making wood seem weightless is a real challenge, so for now, this new edition will be available in a 27″ pendant model. The internal metallic structure remains, but in a nickel graphite finish.

The new Discocó pays homage to the original: with is new wooden discs it persists in the dramatic game of light and shadow, and yields an extremely welcoming light.

Product name: Discoco
Product code: A620-xxx
Company: Marset
  • Opaque disks made in moulded ABS.
  • Chrome semi-sphere.
  • It comes in different sizes and in different colors : white, black-gold, grey, beige.
Light bulb : Varies depending on the size


Technical information