Pendants, Vistosi

Rina was born by the traditional venetian craftmanship called Murrina.

Murrina term is used to indicate glassware made with a method that dates back to ancient Roman and Alexandrian times.

The technique was revived in Murano in the 1870’s, and involves arranging short lengths or slices of cold canes, sometimes even prefabricated elements, on a metal plate according to a predefined design, forming a polychrome mosaic which is then placed on refractory material.

The composition is then gradually heated up at the mouth of the furnace to soften the mosaic elements.

After annealing, this glassware must be rectified, ground and polished to remove thickness irregularities and make the surface smooth and glossy.

Rina has a a spherical shape with a linear silhouette that reveals, even more when it is illuminated, a precious texture.

Available in five sizes in three different types: suspension, ceiling and table.