Spot Light Projector from Techlighting


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The Spot display head by Tech Lighting is simple in design but extremely functional. The Spot provides light where you need it the most with its 360° rotating head and 290° pivot. Enhance your space all the more by combining the Spot display head with a Tech Lighting free-jack or rail system. This low-voltage display head is ideal for commercial lighting applications such as retail stores, libraries and galleries.
  • Metallic head available in chrome or satin nickel.
  • Rotates 360° around stem and pivots 290°.
  • Can hold one lens or louver (sold separately).
  • May be mounted on monopoint or track system.
  • Stem available in different lengths.


Product name: Spot
Product code: 700xxSPT6xxx
Company: Techlighting

Light bulb

1 X 50W 12V MR16 / Halogène


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