Product series Artemide: Cabildo

The indirect light shapes the body lamp, bringing out its winding form and giving it the astonishing appearance of a ring of light.

Cabildo Wall Light

The Cabildo wall lamp plays with light to diffuse subtle and decorative lighting.

This wall lamp with white curves and curves produces a clear and powerful indirect lighting. It consists of a cast aluminum diffuser containing an LED module that spreads diffused lighting throughout the room while creating a decorative crown of light.

The structure of the Cabildo wall lamp is lacquered in white, which further enhances its luminosity and elegance. The LED module it is equipped with is highly efficient and has a long lifespan, while being energy efficient.

Both elegant and very modern, Cabildo can be installed in a living room as well as in a bedroom, an entrance or a hallway. It will fit perfectly into an interior and will diffuse a refined light.

Cabildo Pendant

We appreciate it as much in a modern room, where glass and plastic come together with taste, as in a wooded room to contrast with a more classic style but just as warm, seeming to float with delicacy and lightness in your living space.

The length of the Cabildo pendant lamp can vary up to 150 cm for spaces with a certain ceiling height, or for people wishing to illuminate a specific point in a large room.

Cabildo Floor Lamp

The Cabildo floor lamp refers to the historic building of the same name in Buenos Aires.

It sports an avant-garde, elegant and sober design, a winning combination that convinces.

The Cabildo floor lamp has a surprising diffuser encompassing the LED light source and magically diffuses an indirect halo of light, floating between floor and ceiling.

Cleverly placed, Cabildo highlights shapes and volumes and plays with shadows and contrasts.

Cabildo has a beautiful height of 183 cm and also illuminates rooms with low ceilings.

The Cabildo floor lamp forms a harmonious whole with the Cabildo wall lamp and the Cabildo pendant lamp.