Architectural Products - Pendant - Oyo

Minimal and modern, this sound absorbing luminaire comes in two sizes. Its lens is made from a perfectly diffused satin acrylic piece for a bright and radiant light. The light source is off centered in the circular acoustic felt panel which makes the product original yet refined.

Specification sheet (PDF)

LED 1050mA 48W 4700lm approx. 3000K
LED 1050mA 48W 5200lm approx. 3500K
LED 1050mA 48W 5200lm approx. 4000K

Anodised Effect Powder Coat
Black Powder Coated
Blue Powder Coated
Felt Black
Felt Blue
Felt Charcoal
Felt Green
Felt Grey
Felt Red
Felt White
Felt Yellow
Green Powder Coated
Red Powder Coated
White Powder Coated
Yellow Powder Coated