Architectural Products - Pendant - Sol Arancia

SOL is an elegant and modern thin ring of radiant bright light. Its integral lens, a perfectly diffused satin acrylic piece, is held between fine rims of aluminum. This innovative layered assembly enables mix and match finishes, making a two tone light fixture possible as a standard.

Specification sheet (PDF)

LED 50W (5300lm) – 195W (21000lm) 2700K 90 CRI
LED 50W (5300lm) – 195W (21000lm) 3000K 90 CRI
LED 50W (5300lm) – 195W (21000lm) 3500K 90 CRI
LED 50W (5300lm) – 195W (21000lm) 4000K 90 CRI

Anodised Dark Bronze Effect
Anodised effect grey
Black Powder Coated
Chrome Plated
White Powder Coated