7 table lamps for reading

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Au Courant Luminaires has a large selection of desk lamps to offer you. Today we present to you seven different ones to enlighten your reading environment.


Melampo Table Artemide

The Melampo table lamp is a very elegant table lamp that at first glance looks like a conventional table lamp, with a fabric shade.

The conical-shaped shade of the Melampo table lamp has some advantages, however. It is oriented towards three different positions, downwards, to the side and upwards and dispenses direct / indirect or diffused light depending on the position.

The Melampo table lamp is composed of a zamak base, a varnished aluminum rod and a polycarbonate shade covered with satin.

Melampo is available in 2 sizes 21 and mini 14 version, in two colors bronze & gray.

The luminaire is also offered in a wall and floor version.

Tolomeo Shade d'Artemide

Both table lamp or desk lamp thanks to its different installation possibilities (with base, screw fixing or clamp fixing).

Tolomeo shade is a very elegant version of the bestseller designed by Michele de Lucchi.

The base and the articulated arm structure are in extruded aluminum.

The diffuser is available in parchment paper but also in shade of gray. Each element is meticulously worked: the ball joints and supports are in shiny aluminum.

Tolomeo shade is easily positioned.

The Tolomeo Shade family is available in wall, floor and table versions to fit perfectly into your interior.

Demetra Table Artemide

The Demetra Table Lamp convinces with its high degree of innovation, the quality of its finishes and an intelligent design.

It has two flexible arms adjustable in height, a swiveling and rotating lamp head, as well as a cable system installed on the lamp arms, ensuring stability; which is reminiscent of Artemide's classic, the famous Tolomeo lamp.

The Demetra table lamp allows you to create an individual lighting device in the office, living room, or even in your bedroom.

The head of the lamp can be equipped with a touch sensitive dimmer and even, if you wish, with a presence detector.

The table lamp is available in the micro, classic and with motion sensor versions or in the new Professional version with base, insertion swivel or clamp fixing.

The Demetra family includes several versions of the luminaire (wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, wall spot) to offer a complete and harmonious lighting system for all interiors.


Vega Table de Vistosi

A piece of Italian design history that has recently been extended from the original table lamp to wall and floor lights. Vega by Vistosi is a prestigious lamp that will decorate your environment to perfection.

Funiculi S Fabric Table Marset

The Funiculí is one of Marset's most emblematic lamps. Its design is over 30 years old, but it's still as modern and functional as the day it was designed. With its direct or indirect light, its easily adjustable height and its variety of bright and subdued colors, the Funiculí leaves little room for innovation. Yet there is a track that remains unexplored.

Heir to the first Funiculí, this year we present a new version with a fabric lampshade, a design that Lluís Porqueras first conceived in 1979 but which is only now seeing the light of day. Respecting the original design as much as possible, only its proportions have been updated.

In this new version, the cloth on the lampshade unlocks the light, allowing it to filter and better illuminate the space. It shares the same structure as the original, so you can easily adjust the lamp to the height you want. The essence of both lamps remains their simplicity, but the new design is chic and classic, perhaps even more sophisticated than the original. This new category is available in floor, table and wall versions and in two colors, beige or white, with the black structure.

Scantling Table Marset

A combination of basic geometric shapes and the use of wood with metal give this range of lamps a warm appearance, at the same time a clearly defined personality. All movements of the fully rotating shade use arms and hinges, and its technical precision means that springs or counterweights are not required to maintain the chosen position. Scantling is a term used to define the size at which a piece of wood or stone is measured and cut, derived from the name of an ancient unit of measurement. The interaction of the different elements used in its design gives this lamp an archetypal, almost graphic appearance.


Splitty Table Lamp Koncept

One of the most flexible lamps in the Koncept collection, Splitty owes its name to its unique common design. At 17 '' tall, the large LED head casts a uniform glow onto any surface.

Designers Kenneth and Edmund Ng have perfected the diffuse light source with hidden LEDs so that the lamp works as a radiant ambient light as well as a functional work light.


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