Seed Design Products Available at Au Courant Luminaires

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Au Courant Luminaires continues to want to offer its customers a wide selection of products from various suppliers. Here is the most recent supplier that we offer to you, it is Seed Design.

SEED Design is a modern lighting company. We manufacture and design all the products in which we sell. Our head office is located in Taipei, Taiwan, with a distribution facility that houses an impressive storage program in Seattle, WA.

SEED Design was created in 1991 by an innovative and tenacious designer, Meiric. With just a few sketches on hand, he was sure he had what it took to create an entire lighting line that would be superb in construction, striking in aesthetics, and pioneering in concept. In 1992, his first lamp, UFO, debuted in Europe. After a few years of delay, JOJO, a height-adjustable pendant, has followed in his footsteps. In 1997 Meiric decided that he couldn't just design and sell, he had set up his own factory to better guarantee quality and make sure the end product exceeded all expectations.

At SEED, we live by a simple philosophy of:
We don't follow the trend, we follow the people. We don't create lighting, we create happiness. We don't light up houses, we light up dreams.

The name SEED is a derivative of everything our products embody. Our lamps look like simplicity and elegance, and with that what we create will last forever, and at the end of the day our goal is to delight.

Our Seed Design products


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