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«We decided to design a lamp with light. This is how Aede was created, a processed solid, dug into as if it were melted, just like water does with rocks in a waterfall or in the sea.

Aede speaks the language of architecture with its utmost simplicity and neat forms that seem to emerge from the twists and turns of time, like a family, ordinary, friendly tool.»

Aede is a simple wall lamp with basic forms, capable to relate with architecture also through its surface finishes mat white for optimal integration with surfaces and reflect the environment.

The optical unit integrated in the appliance’s body conceals the LED source fitted inside, and opens up light indirectly into the environment.
Aede allows great application freedom, its light can be adjusted either directly or indirectly.

It is a small-sized project, also designed in view of compliance with the ADA standards, which provide for minimum protrusion, and the base covering the J-box is also ideal for the American market.


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